*Taps on screen* Hey, you. Yes you there wondering what that achievement beep just was. That my dear tumblr folk means you have discovered well...me. Hi, the names Katie Flower. Now as for myself, I’m a 22 year old food science graduate, who now works in a chocolate factory. Cool huh?! In my free time I play on the old xbox 360, participate in Pokemon TCG tournements and RPGs as well as coplay (Ramona Flowers and Ezio) Other hobbies include travelling most weekends, tea tasting, pool playing, making youtube videos along with being a pretty weird introvert. Unless you’re on my nsfw blog *mischievous grin* Anyway if you’re wondering what I place on this page it includes: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Back to the Future, Scott Pilgrim, Harry Potter, Attack on Titan, Anything Tennant related (clues in the url), Tobuscus, Roosterteeth/Lets plays and a butt load of comedians. Or lovable idiots like Gavin Free. And on that bombshell I must leave, my pie is burning. Online Users

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The break-up through the consoles

Now I’ve spent the last month or so playing on destiny with my mates and I noticed in our last conversations that this could be the last time we actually co-op things. While I’m opting to get an xbox one next month so I can play AC: Unity, another friend is going to get a PS4, and refuses to buy any more games until that happens. And the other is just too busy these days to really get online and play with us. Now I will still be using my xbox 360 most of the time considering the lack of backwards capability, but any new game that comes out I’ll be buying the xbox one version of, meaning it won’t be compatable with older consoles. I can get by this if I buy the 360 version, case in point the new borderlands prequal game coming soon (though saying that I would still love to co-op the first game in that series with some friends as well. There was discussion on it a while ago and not sure where it’s lead to) which I’m happy to get it as a 360 game. But I have one friend not buying it and another too busy to keep up with my levels. That’s not to say I can’t busy myself somewhere else, like play other games or call on James to hang out, but I don’t know, it’s suprising how happy I get multiplaying these with the guys, it’s one of the very few social things I do these days beyond work, and I would miss it if that goes, which, sadly, looks like the case.

With the dying interest in the Pokemon TCG, my RPG not being on for weeks at a time and general lack of money to travel, things aren’t looking good from a social stand point, and for me that’s a very damaging factor.


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And if I could I’d squeeze your hand so tight every knuckle would crack
I’d wrap my arms around you and snap every bone in your back